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Commercial Property Management?

Many real estate investors make the wise decision to employ the services of a professional commercial property management company. A professional commercial property management company provides you with a host of services that cover everything from day-to-day operations and tenant issues to facility maintenance and more. These services can allow you to be a real estate investor instead of a landlord or property manager yourself.

Many commercial property management companies specialize in a certain type of commercial real estate. For instance, one management company may specialize in apartment or multi-family properties while another may specialize in multi-tenant office buildings. Some companies specialize in a specific type of service. If you’re in DC, look for a company that specifically provides Washington DC handyman services. This way, you know you’re getting someone who specializes in the service you need. Choosing the right company for your needs is critical to ensuring your investment property is properly maintained and your tenants remain happy.

You may be required to locate and engage the services of a property management company in the early stages of a commercial construction project. In some cases, a commercial lender may require you to engage professional management services as a condition for financing. This is often a financing condition when a property investor is purchasing a large property, has little hands-on management experience or both.

A professional management company may provide on-site assistance for some properties, such as by collecting rents and handling tenant grievances on-site. The company may provide on-site facility maintenance through its own employees or it may contract repair work to a third party. Management services often include all accounting-related services, visual inspection of the property on a regular basis to ensure it is kept in good repair and other such services. These services should be detailed in a management agreement that you sign with the company.

There are numerous commercial property management companies that may assist you with the operations of your commercial investment. Care should be taken to research each company thoroughly. While the management fee of the company is a consideration, keep in mind that a reputable management company will help your property value grow and will help to keep your property fully occupied and producing greater profits for you. Because of this, a reputable, hard-working management company is well worth paying a slightly higher fee for.

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